Adding organic matter/carbon using organic farm inputs to increase soil fertility for food security.


Champions Sustainable Farming, Conserving Water Resources Effectively.

footprint reduction

Nurturing Sustainability to Help Reduce Agricultural Carbon Footprints.


Cultivating Sustainability to Help Minimize Agricultural Waste Impact.

About Us


OFIMAK is an association of organic farm inputs manufacturers in Kenya. It was formed in 2023 with a goal of helping create awareness about the use of alternative sustainable fertilizers and pest management products made from organic materials and lobby support from the Government and other key stakeholders to promote the same among farmers in Kenya.

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Are you looking to connect with like-minded people around soil health?

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Are you an entity looking to collaborate with OFIMAK that is providing soil health solutions in Kenya and beyond?

Our Partners

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“OFIMAK's dedication to sustainable practices transformed our export business. Our products now meet global standards, and the market demand has soared. A true partner in success!”

Jonatan Rholim Designation

“OFIMAK's consistent advocacy efforts have led to policy shifts, creating a more sustainable environment for the agricultural sector. Proud to witness positive change on a broader scale.”

Monica Julian Designation

“Thanks to OFIMAK, my farm has flourished with organic inputs. Increased yields, reduced costs, and a healthier environment — a game-changer for small farmers like me!”

Garagas Yen Designation

case studies

Exploring Excellence: Our Case Studies

Transforming Agricultural Practices

In Kenya's highlands, farmers sought sustainable solutions; OFIMAK transformed practices with organic inputs, fostering environmental resilience.

Empowering Smallholder Farmers

In a Kenyan community, smallholder farmers faced challenges; OFIMAK transformed practices, empowering communities with sustainable organic solutions.

Impact on Sustainable Export Practices

In Kenya's verdant landscapes, exporters sought eco-friendly solutions; OFIMAK emerged, transforming practices and promoting sustainable agricultural exports.